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  • Pragmatic Wardley Mapping (including content previously available within Wardley Mapping Theory & Practice) and
  • A 1:1 mapping session with Ben

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What's included?

Pragmatic Wardley Mapping

Quickly get the basics of Wardley Mapping in this shortest-path-to-value experience that has helped more than 2,300 leaders get started.

Includes 75 minutes of core video content with additional exercises and supporting materials, bonus Wardley Map Library and bonus Case Study recordings.

Learn more about PWM.

Wardley Mapping Theory and Practice

A Comprehensive Reference Manual for Wardley Mapping, intended to be a companion to the book, and a helpful way to reference the material and learn exactly what you need to learn, when you need to learn it.

27 videos, with more on the way!

(This content has been consolidated into the Pragmatic Wardley Mapping course.)

1:1 Wardley Mapping Session with Ben

A 90-minute session to get hands-on with Wardley Maps. Come alone or with up to 4 other people on your team!

Ben's promise: We will do whatever it takes to help you make progress with Wardley Mapping.

Learn more about the Wardley Mapping Session.

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What people are saying:

"As Wardley Maps are deceptively simple, they are also intriguingly deep. If you want to learn about Wardley Maps, there is no better way to get started than to take Ben’s 101 – you will get started quickly and with the right insights and perspectives. It will save you weeks or months of self-study."

Steve T.

"I had wanted to learn about Wardley mapping for a while, but the entire process was just intimidating enough that I kept putting it off. Ben’s structured and simple introduction gave me the basis I needed to start mapping and keep learning on my own."

Sarah N.

"Ben’s intro to Wardley mapping is demystifying and inspiring. He pulls out just enough of the confusing detail and gives you hands-on time with the basic building blocks of mapping. You’re left thinking 'hey, that’s pretty easy, I wonder if I could…'"

Kynan H.

"Ben’s sessions are a fun, fast and thought provoking way to learn a powerful new language for thinking about your strategic landscape. Ben is a world class teacher and warm and generous human."

Ben H.

"Ben is a wizard at getting you going with Wardley Mapping. #recommend"

Nigel D.

"I can assure you, Ben can teach you the basics on the go, [so the time commitment] shouldn't be an obstacle. He makes it so easy and fun, it would be like you had done nothing else for the past months."

Oliver F.

"Maps were born in practice not theory… If you want help to get started, try here — Ben is an excellent teacher."

Simon Wardley

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