Pragmatic Wardley Mapping

Learning the Landscape of
Effective Decision-Making

So, you've already heard of Wardley Mapping, found Simon's free book, and given it a good read (or perhaps not?), but are you actually using mapping to make better decisions every day?

A colleague first introduced me to mapping while we were working through a tough purchasing decision. We had been given a chance to spend a large budget on new equipment, but something felt off about the move. How could we be sure it made sense? How did it align with our strategy? What was our strategy? We spent hours upon hours in conference rooms, scribbling on dry-erase boards, reading and re-reading Simon's book, his blog posts, and everything he was saying on Twitter.

For us it was quite a journey, and for many people the idea of learning Wardley Mapping suggests a ton of work with an unknown payoff. How can you know if it's going to be helpful for you? What's a map good for, anyway? And who has time for all that reading?

It took trial and error for us, but the answer to the purchasing question soon became clear. We didn't buy the equipment, and the strategy we created along the way enabled us to do something much, much better — to stop using that kind of equipment altogether! The lessons learned during that time served as a launchpad for my deeper exploration of Wardley Mapping, which has now resulted in the creation of this course.

Anyone can learn mapping quickly.

You already know that the quality of your decisions directly impacts your success. You want to:

  1. Have confidence in your ability to work through tough problems
  2. Find clarity despite all the unknowns
  3. Develop an intuition for uncovering the hidden, everyday opportunities

This is what Wardley Mapping is about, and here's the honest truth: You don't need to spend hours and hours learning the basics before you find out if mapping is for you. This course will get you there quickly, and if it's not your cup of tea just let me know within 30 days for a full refund.

Class Curriculum

  Wardley Mapping Book Summaries
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  1. Wardley Mapping in 5 Minutes
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  2. The Value Chain
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Ben Mosior
Ben Mosior

I'm here to accelerate your learning experience!

If you've been waiting for the right moment to learn Wardley Mapping, this is it! This highly-compressed experience will jump-start you into a new world of strategic thinking.

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This course is in Phase I of Early Access. As of now, the course content is just starting to take shape. You should only buy this course if you want:

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Get started now!

I'm so excited for you to dive head-first into Wardley Mapping! Please keep in mind that this course is in early access, so there are some rough edges. I'll do my best to make sure you learn how to map, but if you find it's not for you, just let me know within 30 days for a full refund.