To learn Wardley Mapping, I always tell people to read Simon Wardley's book. But if you, like many, are looking for a fresh, down-to-earth approach, then this course might be just what you need. I've boiled down the basics into a shortest-path-to-value experience that I'm confident will help you, as it has helped hundreds of students before you. If you do the work, I know you will uncover opportunities worth 10x the course price. In fact, I guarantee it, or I'll give you your money back. If that seems like a fair wager to you, then I invite you to join the course and see for yourself. Welcome to Pragmatic Wardley Mapping.

-- Ben Mosior

30-day 10x Value Guarantee

If you complete this course within 30 days and do not get a 10x return on value, I will refund your purchase.

As Wardley Maps are deceptively simple, they are also intriguingly deep. If you want to learn about Wardley Maps, there is no better way to get started than to take Ben's 101 - you will get started quickly and with the right insights and perspectives. It will save you weeks or months of self-study.

-- Steve T.

I had wanted to learn about Wardley mapping for a while, but the entire process was just intimidating enough that I kept putting it off. Ben's structured and simple introduction gave me the basis I needed to start mapping and keep learning on my own.

-- Sarah N.

Ben’s intro to Wardley mapping is demystifying and inspiring. He pulls out just enough of the confusing detail and gives you hands-on time with the basic building blocks of mapping. You’re left thinking “hey, that’s pretty easy, I wonder if I could…”

-- Kynan H.

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Wardley Mapping is provided courtesy of Simon Wardley

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