Course overview

This course.

What it is:

  • reimagine how you fit into the market
  • how to find target careers and even specific companies to work for

What it’s not:

  • how to apply for jobs
  • early-career advice when you have no work experience
  • magic (what you put into the process will help / hurt what you get out of it)

This course will use tools from Wardley Maps and Transition Design. However, it will not hit you over the head with these ideas. They will be subtle and “applied” (in the sense of the phrase “applied science”).

The process we'll follow.

In the first section, we'll begin by asking, "What have you got?"

  1. We'll review your career experiences — where you worked and what you did.
  2. Next we'll build a skills inventory based on those experiences.
  3. Then you'll decide which of those skills to carry forward and which to leave behind.

In the second section, we'll ask, "What does the market need?"

  1. We'll classify your remaining skills by what's market-ready and what's differentiating.
  2. Next, we'll find career leads — jobs that match your market-ready skills.
  3. Then, you'll briefly research those leads to uncover experiment-ready "first steps."

In the final section, we'll say, "Start exploring, today!"

  1. With first steps, we'll design career exploration experiments that can be run today!
  2. You'll run your first experiment, which will change what possibilities you can imagine.
  3. You'll adjust course based on what you learn, and then repeat until you find a career track worth investing in.

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